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Adhesive Blending Plants

Recent projects have required Kearney Material Handling to provide Adhesive Blending Plants to the powder process industry, typically using ploughshare mixers. The clientele throughout the years have been the Wykamol Group, Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd, Arc Builders Providers, to name but a few.

  • Ploughshare Mixing: Typically used in Powder Process Industries.
  • Ribbon Blender Mixing: A proven workhorse of the provender milling mixing requirements.
  • Paddle & Auger Mixing: Typically used in the coarse ration industries for mixing manufactured ingredients with molasses.

Our mixers can be supplied in:

  • Mild Steel (Body & Ploughs)
  • Mild Steel (Body & Hardened Faced Ploughs)
  • Stainless Steel (Body & Ploughs 304 & 316)

Mixers are supplied with central discharge doors or bomb doors for rapid batching systems. If requested, all mixers can be supplied with chopper motors for additional accuracy and for the inclusion of pigments in powder process.

Kearney Material Handling can accommodate Mixer sizes from 1,000 litre, up to 4,600 litre. Large Mixer sizes are possible, however, these items are only manufactured to order.

We at Kearney Material Handling pride ourselves on the ability and skills to manufacture and deliver a complete process line to meet our customers needs.

Blending Plants Project Case Study: An example of a recent project completed in Burnley, UK.

Project requirements were as follows:
  • 4 No. Ingredients from external bulk storage silos.
  • Hand tip facility for micro ingredients.
  • Charge Weighing at 2 tonne batches.
  • Mixing 2 tonne using a 2,600 Litre Ploughshare Mixer with central discharge.
  • Transferred material to pre-packing bins using screw conveyors with valve selection for appropriate bin.

Having Analysed their requirements we manufactured the following blending plant:
  • Four 60 tonne material handling silos were constructed. Each silo was fitted with Reverse Jet Filters, 250mm Over/Under Pressure Relief Valves, Aeration Pads, 250mm Isolating Butterfly Valves, Inline Pinch Valves for delivery truck isolation, a silo protection system (S.P.S) and necessary control panels.
  • As part of the bulk storage silos, four safe mount load cells were fitted to each silo, thereby giving accurate weights and displaying stock control for each ingredient. As part for the blending plant installed by Kearney Material Handling, WAM 219 Auger Conveyors were used to transfer ingredients to the pre-blending hopper (as shown in the images).
  • The pre-blending hopper’s full capacity registered as 2,500kg, and rest on three shear beam load cells. The hopper has an on board 2m/sq fan assist reverse jet filter to eliminate dust while charging. This leads to dust being recycled back in to the hopper.
  • When the required weight is achieved, the materials are transferred to the Mix srl 2,600 litre mixer. After mixing, a discharge door opens to a transfer auger, which in turn conveys the material to pre packing.
  • In this case the packing was organised by the client.



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