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Kearney Material Handling Blog

By Darren Kearney | January 6, 2020
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The Irish construction sector is facing uncertainty due to Brexit issues

What does Brexit have in store for Irish Construction Companies?

By Darren Kearney | July 9, 2018

Deal or no deal? There are murmurs coming out of Irish and UK media that the UK will not successfully agree an adequate Brexit Deal for all parties. The main stumbling block being a little issue with Northern Ireland and the hard border. There are many questions to be answered from the UK side as…

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Mix srl Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is a necessity for silo safety regarding pressure blowouts and explosions.

Silo Protection System Part 2: Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

By Darren Kearney | May 22, 2018

Silos are built to be sturdy, after all, they are built with mild steel and meant to withstand the rigours of the construction industry which is no mean feat. That being said, silos, and especially fine powder silos, have their own hazards in terms of withstanding additional pressures. There are many cases over the years…

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2 meter squared fan assisted dust control filter for use on horizontal silos and hoppers

Silo Protection System Part 1: Silo Filtration

By Darren Kearney | May 16, 2018

With construction output in Ireland now at its highest point since the crash of 2008, concrete production has risen substantially. This means that there is a more demand for new cement storage facilities, or to prolong the life of some cement silos in operation. If you are currently in the process of tendering for new…

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UK concrete show 2016 image

Don’t Forget the UK Concrete Show 2018

By Darren Kearney | March 13, 2018

UK Concrete Show 2018 The concrete show is set to commence on Wednesday 21st March at the NEC exhibition space outside Birmingham, United Kingdom. I’m sure you already knew that it was taking place, but this is just a friendly reminder. It’s a must attend for anyone currently working in the concrete industry; so, if…

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Cement Powder Silo Storage Issues

Getting to grips with Bulk Solids (e.g. cement, lime, etc.) Flow Issues.

By Darren Kearney | January 30, 2018

Storage Silos Bulk Storage Flow It is quite common for engineers to understand the ‘Bulk Solids Flow’. Sure, they can enter a couple of numbers into a complicated formula and get a result which indicates optimal discharge. Unless you are getting a highly trained engineer to design your bulk solids storage silos, you may be…

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A view of six Mix srl SFCA filters on top of silos that Kearney Material Handling installed in Co. Wexford, Ireland (including pressure relief valves and inspection hatches).

Why the Mix srl Silo Top Filter can work for you..

By Darren Kearney | January 22, 2018

It has become a necessity that every powder storage silo now houses a filtration system. A silo filter play the role of preventing the powder being released into the surrounding area. The drawback being that the powder becomes attached to the Filter cartridges over time (back to that later). This equipment is detrimental in ensuring…

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View of four silos installed in a powder blending plant for Wykamol adhesives.

Cement Silo Classification made easy! (Capacities, heights, Diameters, etc.)

By Darren Kearney | December 12, 2017

Do you struggle to get to grips with the capacities of cement silos when requesting a quote? How about the sizes? After all, you wouldn’t want to order a 100-tonne silo only for it not to fit. We have decided to produce an easily readable table for clients to take as much information from as possible. From…

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Hillhead 2018

The Countdown to Hillhead 2018. It’s on!

By Darren Kearney | October 12, 2017

The countdown to Hillhead 2018 is on! If you are a supplier, end user or just have an interest in heavy machinery in the Quarrying, Mining, Concrete Production or construction industries, this show is not to be missed. The show will take place from 26-28 June 2018. Hillhead due for a 2018 expansion. With record numbers…

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The Kearney Material Handling website has an online shop to sell our spare parts for silos, conveyors & batching plants

KMH begin selling silo spare parts online.

By Darren Kearney | October 10, 2017

After months of getting the new online store ready for launch, it is finally live! Kearney Material Handling has been selling silo spare parts for over 17 years. At first, the company only provided these items as part of our aftercare service and maintenance schedule. We eventually ventured into Business to Business end product sales…

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