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View of four silos installed in a powder blending plant for Wykamol adhesives.

Cement Silo Classification made easy! (Capacities, heights, Diameters, etc.)

Do you struggle to get to grips with the capacities of cement silos when requesting a quote? How about the sizes? After all, you wouldn't want to order a 100-tonne silo only for it not to fit. We have decided to produce an easily readable table for clients to take as much information from as possible. From this table, you will be able to determine the heights, capacities for the perfect cement silo classification to meet your company's needs.

Cement Silo Sizes: Diameter

As you will see from the table below, Kearney Material Handling will produce standardised silos from 3.2m Dia.; up to 4.2m. A large objective of our company over the past twenty years was to produce bespoke products for the market. However, with the rise of technology and the increase in demand over the past five years, there is now a sense of urgency from clients. This means that bespoke may not be suitable for all customers. We can still produce alternative diameter silos, such as 2m, up to 4.8m.  However, the larger diameter silos will be produced in modular form.

Cement Silo Sizes: Capacity

Possibly the most important factor in purchasing a silo for the industry comes down to the capacity. Again, customers want to know exactly how much cement a silo can hold to avoid unnecessary delivery costs. With the newly available classification table, you can make sure that the capacity is perfect for your needs. For instance, are you upgrading a concrete batching plant? Why not, look to get a large cement silo which can take over the work of two smaller ones; while freeing up some space on-site.

Cement Silo Sizes: Heights

Have you got height restrictions at your concrete plant? You can see from the table below that there are numerous variations in cement silo Barrel Heights and Total Heights. Are you looking to use the space under the silo? Is the silo going inside a building? With a little work in determining the restriction in your area or plant, it will benefit you in deciding the best solution for you.


If you still feel like you would like to ask some questions about the information displayed in the table, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to clarify anything associated with our products.

Cement Silos Sizes:

CodeBarrel (Dia.)Barrel (h)CapacityOutlet (h)Cone (Deg.)Total Height
KVS-032040-60-153200mm4000mm51.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8340mm
KVS-032054-60-153200mm5490mm67.1 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.9830mm
KVS-032060-60-153200mm6000mm72.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10340mm
KVS-032073-60-153200mm7320mm86.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.11660mm
KVS-032080-60-153200mm8000mm93.3 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12340mm
KVS-034091-60-153200mm9150mm105.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.13490mm
KVS-036036-60-153660mm3660mm64.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8160mm
KVS-036040-60-153660mm4000mm69.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8500mm
KVS-036054-60-153660mm5490mm89.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10000mm
KVS-036060-60-153660mm6000mm96.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10500mm
KVS-036073-60-153660mm7320mm114.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.11820mm
KVS-036080-60-153660mm8000mm123.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12500mm
KVS-036091-60-153660mm9150mm139.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.13650mm
KVS-040040-60-154000mm4000mm84.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8460mm
KVS-040054-60-154000mm5490mm108.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8800mm
KVS-040060-60-154000mm6000mm116.9 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10290mm
KVS-040073-60-154000mm7320mm138.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10800mm
KVS-040080-60-154000mm8000mm149.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12120mm
KVS-040091-60-154000mm9150mm168.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12800mm