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A view of six Mix srl SFCA filters on top of silos that Kearney Material Handling installed in Co. Wexford, Ireland (including pressure relief valves and inspection hatches).

Why the Mix srl Silo Top Filter can work for you..

It has become a necessity that every powder storage silo now houses a filtration system. A silo filter play the role of preventing the powder being released into the surrounding area. The drawback being that the powder becomes attached to the Filter cartridges over time (back to that later). This equipment is detrimental in ensuring that your storage silo is safe for use throughout the filling and operation process.

Mix srl designs a range of compact silo top filters which delivers a larger filtering surface and an easy to open cover. The easy open cover provides necessary access to the filtering units and pulse cleaning system.

Mix srl Silo Filter range.

Mix manufactures three ranges of the Silo top Sky Filter, the SFA range, the SFC range and the SFL range. All three ranges provide a top-side extraction of filtering units (cartridges/bags) and comes free discharge into the atmosphere (standard) or fan assisted. However, all three have subtle differences. The SFA range provides vibration cleaning for stubborn product but also making maintenance more streamlined. The SFC range provides a Pulse Jet Cleaning system where high-pressure air is used to blow product away from the filtering unit. The SFL range uses filtering bags as units and Pulse Jet Cleaning.

List of Mix srl Silo Filter sizes and dimensions

Source: (mixsrl.it/en)

There are also variants determining the filtering area, the material of construction for the silo filter. The material ranges from aluminium to stainless steel to zinc plated mild steel.

In order to get optimum filtering of stored product, you must ensure that the correct sized unit is placed on the silo. We regularly see examples of companies with perfectly good filters and cartridges within, but poor filtering of the product. This is simply down to the fact that the filter cannot maintain the full amount of product trying to escape. This leads to the client needing to purchase a new filter to match the airflow and area covered.


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