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  • Cement Silo Design

    We use the most up to date technology required to provide our clients with a final picture of the finished product.  

  • Cement Silo Manufacturing

    Kearney Material Handling manufactures all cement silos at our purpose built 40,000 sq/ft workshop which is stocked with all the equipment needed to provide you with a perfect silo. 

  • Cement Silo Installation

    From external installations to internal and space restrictions Kearney Material Handling has your best interests in check with an excellent team of fitters on hand. 

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Kearney Material Handling

Our team installing new cement silos in Roadstone, Killough, Tipperary
  • Our Company

    Set up in 1989, Kearney Material Handling has been supplying cement silos to some of the largest concrete producers in Ireland & the UK. From small beginnings, we have grown into experts in the material handling industry producing Conveyors, Concrete Batching Plants & Powder Blending Plants.

  • Our Values

    Our clients are at the heart of our company values. Without our clients the company could not move forward. That is why we try to make all dealings from design to after care service as pleasant as possible.

  • Our Mission

    Our company mission is to grow our family run company to new heights. We are increasing our production capacity and technology to make this a reality. We strive for both local and overseas recognition in the industry. We hope that you can help us in achieving this.

  • Our Reputation

    With our experience in the industry, we bring a solid reputation for excellent service. We have served leading concrete and cement producers in Ireland & the UK, such as Roadstone, Kilsaran, Eco-Readymix, Ecocem and more

Get a Personalised Storage Silo Quote Today

Ready to get your planning in action? Provide us with your contact details and requirements and we can start working on a competitive quote for storage silos to suit your business. 

Bank of silos installed in Wykamol, UK
Cement Silos Installed in Wrexham, Wales by Kearney Material Handling
Horizontal Cement Silos Installed in Dublin Port

Get More Bulk Storage For your Business

Getting frustrated with the amount of storage your business can currently hold, and output has taken a hit because of it? This is where Kearney Material Handling can help you...

  • We can help to expand your current plant to get that little bit extra storage and get you on the way to increasing loads leaving the yard and making your customers happy; or,
  • We can talk to you about the requirements of a full new plant; whether you want to increase the sizes of your current bulk storage silos or add a new bank of silos in a new location, we can provide you with a competitive quote that will be sure to make your finance department happy also...
  • On top of expansions and new large plants; we don't discriminate the smaller projects. If you require a single storage silo to get your business off the ground or replace an old installation, we would be more than happy to talk to you about your requirements!

Blog Content

Read our useful content on Storage Silo Capacities and Sizing to get you ready for getting a quote

We generally produce and export storage silos between the capacities of 60 Tonne Capacity and 120 Tonne Capacity; however, we do get requests and honor other sizes and capacities. Depending on the material being stored, the capacity of the silo is altered to the characteristics of the material. We encourage anybody interested in storage silos for their business to contact Kearney Material Handling through any of the channels below to get information from our sales representatives. 

What Storage Silos are Available?

We generally produce and export storage silos between the capacities of 60 Tonne Capacity and 120 Tonne Capacity; however, we do get requests and honor other sizes and capacities. We have developed a simple table to provide information on our cement silo sizing and capacities for our vertical silo range. If you require capacities and sizing for materials other than cement, please don't hesitate to contact our sales representatives who will be happy to calculate these metrics. 

CodeBarrel (Dia.)Barrel (h)CapacityOutlet (h)Cone (Deg.)Total Height
KVS-032040-60-153200mm4000mm51.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8340mm
KVS-032054-60-153200mm5490mm67.1 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.9830mm
KVS-032060-60-153200mm6000mm72.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10340mm
KVS-032073-60-153200mm7320mm86.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.11660mm
KVS-032080-60-153200mm8000mm93.3 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12340mm
KVS-034091-60-153200mm9150mm105.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.13490mm
KVS-036036-60-153660mm3660mm64.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8160mm
KVS-036040-60-153660mm4000mm69.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8500mm
KVS-036054-60-153660mm5490mm89.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10000mm
KVS-036060-60-153660mm6000mm96.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10500mm
KVS-036073-60-153660mm7320mm114.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.11820mm
KVS-036080-60-153660mm8000mm123.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12500mm
KVS-036091-60-153660mm9150mm139.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.13650mm
KVS-040040-60-154000mm4000mm84.2 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8460mm
KVS-040054-60-154000mm5490mm108.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.8800mm
KVS-040060-60-154000mm6000mm116.9 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10290mm
KVS-040073-60-154000mm7320mm138.5 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.10800mm
KVS-040080-60-154000mm8000mm149.6 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12120mm
KVS-040091-60-154000mm9150mm168.4 Tonne (Cement)1500mm60 Deg.12800mm

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