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Concrete Batching Plants

Kearney Material Handling has a long history of manufacturing Concrete Batching Plants for the largest concrete producers in Ireland. We design, manufacture and install concrete plants in all sizes from 40m3 all the way up to 100m3. Over our 30 years of operation, we have developed lasting relationships with top quality Concrete Spares Suppliers.


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Kearney Material Handling Concrete Batching Plants Layout

Small Concrete Batching plant

Small Concrete Batching Plants

Our concrete batching plants’ cement silos are 100% bespoke; meaning, you can order cement silos from 40 tonnes of capacity, all the way up to 120-tonne capacity. This depends on the amount of concrete you will be producing between each fill of high-grade cement powder. Most concrete batching plants that Kearney Material Handling produce contain a four aggregate bin load-out. However, additional aggregate storage would be no issue if required.

Moving the aggregates from the bins is no issue for our belt feeders under the bin structure (as seen in the image). This transfers aggregates to the drag-out belt conveyor leading directly into the concrete batching plant tower. From here, the materials are weighed in a weigh hopper which matches the required concrete batching process of the client.

Batching Plants 8 Silo Auditing

Waterford Precast Concrete Batching Plants

We have spent a lot of time perfecting our batching plant layout designs, and with minimal tweaking, we can get a full concrete plant designed for you in no time. If you are looking to produce blended material other than concrete, please view our Blending Plants page for more info on building products (e.g. adhesives, mortar mixes, compounds, etc.) production plants.

Our company provides a high-quality, efficient and long-lasting solution to your concrete batching requirements.

Kearney Material Handling makes an in-house silo protection panel which compliments the requirements of any batching plant. We would be happy to talk to you about our concrete batching plants, cement silos, spare parts and aftercare service, please send us a message and one of our sales reps, will call you back.


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