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Kearney Material Handling designs & manufactures complete belt conveyor systems for the Quarrying, Mining & Manufacturing industries. Our conveyors can withstand the rigorous conditions that's faced in operation.


Belt Conveyors are widely used throughout the Concrete & Quarry Industries; as a mode to move aggregates from point A to point B. A giant leap of innovation in belt styles and designs since the 1970’s has seen new synthetic belt become available. This has greatly expanded the applications that belt conveyors can be used for.

Over the past 28 years, Kearney Material Handling (formerly Kearney Fabrication) has supplied belt conveyors of all lengths & sizes. Applications range from Aggregates to Pellets to Chemicals.

We design bespoke conveyors to suit our clients needs, this entails a lengthy consultation at an early stage to determine all necessary information about the product being transported, the space confines and the span of the conveyor.

Kearney Material Handling’s conveyor manufacture process is straight forward:

Consultation (may incl. site visit).

  • Design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Support

Kearney Material Handling can provide you with two types of belt; Multi Ply Flat & Chevron. All belts supplied by Kearney Material Handling are constructed to withstand the rigour of everyday life in an industrial setting; meaning product, such as, Ash, Coal, Pellets, Chemicals, Foodstuff, Lime, Rock & Sand.

Designed to accommodate larger particles of a substance at a steep incline, Chevron Belts are perfect for the task. Kearney Material Handling have use Chevron Belt Conveyors in the past to move product within a confined space to a significant height. Chevron belts are very tough and durable, meaning, they can withstand impact and normal wear & tear.

Due to agreements with some of the best spare parts suppliers around Europe, Kearey Material Handling can provide you with top quality spare parts, incl. scares, rollers, bearings, gearboxes, etc.

Batching Plants & Silo Auditing Conveyors from Kearney Material Handling
Batching Plant Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor Case Study

Belt conveying is extensively used in quarrying, sand handling and horticulture. Kearney Fabrications have previously been engaged in providing conveying solutions to the above industries. The project that comes to mind is the peat handling and blending company Emerald Peat. Situated in Co. Kildare, Ireland we supplied belt conveyors to meet the requirements of their blending and bagging lines. Lengths range from 5 metre to 25 metre.

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