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On-Site Dry Mortar Silos

Kearney Material Handling have designed a new solution to the on-site silo requirement. Standing just above 7.2 meters tall, our new Mortar Silos are perfect to be brought onto large sites where workers need a constant supply of Dry Mortar Products. Designed with two lifting eyes, this silo is easily lifted using an adapted skip lorry for transport to wherever needed.

Dry Mortar Silos –  Construction

The silo is constructed using 5mm plate and contains a domed lid to accept a higher capacity. As a result of being manufactured in 5mm plate, it is light enough to be moved as necessary. At empty, the Mortar Silo weighs 2.4 tonnes and holds an approximate value of 27 tonnes of Mortar.

In an ideal environment; and to work efficiently and safely, a 3m x 3m area should be squared off for the placement of your delivered mortar silo.

The Silo comes painted in any RAL colour and can be fitted with your company branding as seen in our latest project for Kilsaran as seen below.



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