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120 Tonne Storage Silo

Project Title: 120 Tonne Storage Silo
Project Type: Bulk Storage Silo
Client Name: Eco Readymix
Client website: http://www.eco-readymix.co.uk/
Location: Wrexham, Wales, UK

120 Tonne Storage Silo

When contacted by the managing director of Eco-Readymix in North Wales, we were delighted to have been chosen to manufacture our first large silo in the UK; a 120 tonne storage silo, which borders the permitted dimensions to transport by road and sea, as a stand alone silo.

The requirement was to manufacture and supply a single storage silo with the following additions:

  • Reverse Jet Venting Filter
  • Over/Under Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
  • Inspection Hatch
  • Aeration System
  • Silo Protection System (S.P.S), to include:
  • Galvanised Handrails
  • Double Ladder (Galvanised)
  • Rest Platform
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Delivery Screw Conveyor

Within three months of delivery and installation, this 120 tonne storage silo order was duplicated. We at Kearney Material Handling are delighted to receive such an approval with a repeat order due to the highly competitive market. Especially due to the fact that the UK possesses some of the top manufacturers within Europe.

Kearney Material Handling have now been engaged by Eco-Readymix to manufacture and supply a new feed conveyor for their readymix plant. Details and more will follow as we progress. You can view more of our projects here