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28 Metre Belt Conveyor

Project Title: Aggregate Belt Conveyor
Project Type: Galvanised Conveyor Manufacture
Client Name: Eco-Readymix
Client website: http://www.eco-readymix.co.uk/
Location: Wrexham, Wales, UK.

28 Metre Belt Conveyor

With ongoing work being completed in Eco-Readymix, Wrexham; Kearney Material Handling were tasked with manufacturing a brand new Belt Conveyor. In spite of tough competition, the company won the project and completed it in good time. Read more below…

Kearney Material Handling Belt Conveyor Manufacture

The belt conveyor was manufactured and galvanised to the customer’s requirement. It was covered with galvanised flat sheet metal to protect from the elements of a harsh welsh winter and the rigorous conditions of the industry. All guarding systems were powder coated in yellow, providing longer life, minimal maintenance and benefitting the components.

Kearney Material Handling now fit belt scraper/cleaners manufactured by Hoessl GMBH, Austria. These Belt Scrapers/Cleaners are available in our online store. In the meantime, contact us with any inquiries about any of our products shown here.

Find more information about our conveyors manufacturing process on our dedicated ‘conveyors’ page.

All Conveyors are finished to the customer’s specifications i.e. Rate per hour, Distance, Lift, With/Without access to head drums. All components, apart from the scraper/cleaner, are local sourced in order to offer replacement spare parts efficiently.