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Kilsaran Dry Mortar Silos

Project Title: Dry Mortar Silos
Project Type: Project Type
Client Name: Kilsaran Ireland
Client website:
Location: Nationwide

Kilsaran Dry Mortar Silos

Kilsaran, an Irish leader in building products, requested an upgrade to their Silomix Dry Mortar Silos. When visiting large building sites around Ireland, you are sure to have come across the Silomix silo.

After meetings and discussions with Kilsaran engineers, Kearney Material Handling had the measure of the task. We set about designing our new Dry Mortar Silo, to ensure that weight stayed at a minimum.

Standing at 7.2 meters, the new Kearney Material Handling dry mortar silo holds 28 tonnes of mortar. Kilsaran could easily supply the largest construction sites with that capacity.

Being a leader in building products in Ireland, and the largest user of dry mortar silos, the new branding makes a bold statement within the industry.

Kilsaran Order – Dry Mortar Silos

After testing the original prototype by Kilsaran, Kearney Material Handling set towards fulfilling the initial order of ten mortar silos. These silos were distributed throughout Ireland to be further tested.

Thankfully, we received positive feedback from Kilsaran regarding our Dry Mortar Silo. Kilsaran ordered a further ten mortar silos from Kearney Material Handling.

Our new mortar silo has been perfected to meet the demands of the on-site environment and transportation.

Dry Mortar Silos Aesthetics

While the Kilsaran mortar silos are excellently produced by Kearney Material Handling fitters; a lot of the credit must go to Omega Signs. Omega produced the Kilsaran Branding and Modern Twist which gives the silos a little sparkle that is not witnessed in day to day construction.

Constructed with 5 millimetre plate, the dry mortar silo is light enough to transport from site to site very easily; while being sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of construction sites.

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