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Warehouse Conveyors – Celtic Sea Minerals

Project Title: Warehouse Conveyors Distribution
Project Type: Conveyor Plant For Pelletising Plant
Client Name: Celtic Sea Minerals
Client website: http://celticseaminerals.com/
Location: Castletownbere, Co. Cork.

Warehouse Conveyors – Celtic Sea Minerals

Recently, a request came into Kearney Material Handling from Celtic Sea Minerals (Castletownbere, Co. Cork) to manufacture and install Warehouse Conveyors Plant that would help pelletise their product in-house. Celtic Sea Minerals harvests marine algae to produce animal feed to distribute worldwide. The harvested marine algae is turned into a calcium like substance which is brittle. One of the main problems in pelletising the marine algae is that during production, it is susceptible to breaking while being moved.

Warehouse Conveyors

The normal process for moving this substance around the production facility would be to elevated with bucket elevator conveyors. However, we at Kearney Material Handling listened to their concerns and eventually proposed a complete restructure of their plant. Kearney Material Handling manufactured belt conveyors as an alternative means of elevating and conveying the product. This Warehouse Conveyors system in turn eliminated the breakage problem; increasing their throughput and improved quality.

After a recent survey sent to Jeff Condell (Facility Manager), the following information was received:

1. Experience

  • The company has experienced substantial growth over the past 5 years.
  • As a geographically isolated manufacturing facility dealing with companies outside Ireland adds additional complexity and cost.
  • The key reason for going with Kearney Material Handling is that:
  • We get personalised attention from top management within Kearney Material Handling.
  • We receive prompt response to requests.
  • The approach is cooperative and flexible.

2. New Setup

  • We are continuously driving greater efficiencies and broadening our product range and as part of this exercise we have engaged the services of Kearney Material Handling, both to upgrade/add to existing plant and also to construct/supply new plant.
  • Creative thinking and a focus on finding solutions has been a key component in relation to what Kearney Material Handling have had to offer.

3. Results

The installations of Warehouse Conveyors that Kearney Material Handling have been involved with have contributed to:

  • Increasing efficiency by facilitating increased production throughput with the same headcount.
  • Reduced the exposure to dust.
  • Reduced wastage and reducing production costs.
  • Improved access to plant; improving our overall health & safety commitment.